Sophia - defining words that aren't in the textbook.

Defining words that aren’t in the textbook.

Notre vision est de rendre l’apprentissage plus intéressantes, personnalisées et efficaces grâce à un accès continu à des outils technologiques.

La technologie joue un rôle de plus en plus essentiel dans nos vies ; il est donc normal qu’elle joue un rôle essentiel dans l’éducation. Notre programme d’apprentissage électronique Champitech fournit aux élèves et enseignants un accès permanent à la technologie afin de rendre les leçons plus intéressantes, personnalisées et efficaces et permet à l’apprentissage de se faire en tout temps et en tout lieu.

Our vision is to make learning more efficient, personalised and effective through continuous access to technology.

Technology plays an increasingly vital role in our lives, it should also play a vital role in education. Our digital learning programme Champitech gives students and teachers continuous access to technology in order to make lessons more engaging, personalised and efficient, as well as enabling learning to take place at any place and any time.


The various goals of this initiative are to:

– equip learners with the digital tools necessary for learning in an increasingly interconnected and digitalised world of education and work

– provide access to the Internet to enable faster access to up-to-date information and multimedia learning resources

– enable sharing of documents electronically to reduce paper consumption and the amount of items students need to carry

– provide the opportunity to switch to electronic versions of class textbooks to provide access to information from school and home without the need to carry extra weight

– accompany students on their digital journey while educating them on subjects such as academic honesty, research techniques and digital ethics

– prepare students for an increasingly interconnected and globalised society

The effective integration of technology in the classroom accelerates learning. To see how, please visit our blog.