Digital Citizenship

DigitalCitizenship_XSm-1izmj4uDigital Citizenship is a framework which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately. Digital Citizenship is more than just a teaching tool; it is a way to prepare students/technology users for a society full of technology. Digital citizenship represents the standard of appropriate, responsible technology use.  Too often we are seeing students as well as adults misusing and abusing technology but not sure what to do. The issue is more than what the users do not know but what is considered appropriate technology usage.


Teaching Resources

Discover the Internet without fear with the help of Vinz and Lou.

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Net City is a great game to learn about the online world, from our collaborators Action Innocence. Available in French and English.

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‘Surfer Prudent’ is a great source of information for older students in the secondary section.

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‘Internet sans craints’ is a large source of information surrounding issues of Digital Citizenship (Fr).

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