This page is dedicated to educational research papers. Want to find out more about the impact of technology on education and learning? Take a look at some of the articles below.

If you only read one paper, make sure it’s this one. A resumé of over 10 years of research into the impact of technology on teaching and learning:

The teacher training model at Collège Champittet is based upon the work of Mishra and Koehler: Technological pedagogical content knowledge, a framework for teacher knowledge.

Our pedagogical vision for effective technology integration is based upon the SAMR Model proposed by Ruben Puentedura. Details of this can be found below.

The pedagogy of technology integration:

The impact of technological advancement on pedagogy:

It’s the pedagogy, stupid:

This study finds benefits in the use of the iPad as a learning tool in schools. It looks at the the opportunities and challenges faced in a 1-1 iPad school.

ICT driven pedagogies and its impact on learning outcomes in high school mathematics:

Collège Champittet students are multi-lingual. This paper looks at the role of technology in supporting learning in the bilingual classroom.

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