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Creating digital books in geography

In Year 10 Pre-IB geography we have been learning about coastal environments and their processes and landforms. Students created an ebook describing and explaining different forms of coastal protection, enabling them to share the many photos of real examples we can find online. Book Creator helped make the books, eLockers helped students to submit their work electronically.


Créer des lives numériques en Géographie

Avec les élèves de 10e Pré-BI, nous avons étudié les environnements de la côte et leurs processus de formation. Les étudiants ont créé un eBook décrivant et expliquant les différentes formes de protection des côtes. Cela leur a permis de partager beaucoup d’images qu’ils ont pu trouver en ligne. Book Creator les a aidés à créer le livre et eLockers leur permis de soumettre leur travail numériquement.

Storytelling with iMovie in Geography

In Year 10 Maturity geography we are examining the problems connected with living in informal settlements developing countries. Students analysed the problems related to bustees in Kolkata and prepared a text describing these. They then selected images to illustrate their text and added them to iMovie. Finally, they recorded themselves narrating the story over the top.


Raconter des histoires avec iMovie en Géographie