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Exploring physical and human geography through digital storytelling

In Year 8 bilingual geography, students are exploring the physical and human geography of South America. Online content gives students access to a rich supply of information, images and maps that they can explore at their own pace.

Puppet Edu is a great app for digital storytelling. Students can add images, video and record their voice explaining the story, which also gives them extra practice for their speaking skills in English.



Using film to raise awareness of intimidation at Les Martinets

Having worked together exploring the theme of intimidation, its different types and how to respond and react positively, 8C students use the iPad to make a short educational film raising awareness of the issue.

Après avoir travailler ensemble sur le thème de l’intimidation, ses différents types et comment y répondre et y réagir positivement, les élèves de 8C utilisent leur iPad pour faire un court métrage éducatif afin de sensibiliser à ce problème.