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Explaining population structures

Population pyramids are a favourite of demographers. Students are required to be able to describe their different shapes and attribute these differing forms to a range of geographical factors. In order to evaluate the wide variety of population structures, students here were given a country connected with their origin and asked to analyse and present it to the class. After researching population data and downloading the population pyramids from the CIA World Factbook, students then used Skitch to annotate the pyramids with their observations. This was completed for homework then shared with the class by projecting their work on the board using Airplay. Explain Everything was used as a presentation tool with students using the laser pointer feature to highlight anomalies.





Visualising geological time

Year 9 geography students in the Maturity and Pre-IB programmes are currently learning about geology and geological time. This app, Earth Viewer, is an excellent way to show the evolution of earth over long periods of time, as well as providing interesting information about each of the Earth’s geological periods.

How to tell interesting stories using iPad

In Year 7 geography we have been investigation population issues and migration. Here students researched examples of migration and created a comic to illustrate the influence of push and pull factors on rural-urban and international migration. Apart from extremely high levels of motivation shown by our students the results of their work are also inspiring.


En 7ème, en Géographie, nous avons fait des recherches sur les migrations et problèmes de population. Ici, les élèves ont cherché des exemples de migrations et créé une bande-dessinée pour illustrer l’influence des facteurs d’entrée et de sortie des flux migratoires rural-urbains et internationaux. Mis à part une motivation exacerbée dont on fait montre les élèves, les résultats de leur travail sont également une vraie inspiration.

How to improve map skills

With the end of the year fast approaching it is really important that my Year 11 Swiss Maturity students are on top of their map work skills. This is often difficult to do as a group as we have to focus on small maps and try to point to areas for the whole group to see.

Today students took a picture of the map, added it to Explain Everything and annotated it to highlight patterns, trends and anomalies. Very fast, very effective and really easy to show the class by projecting their work on the whiteboard.




La fin des classes approchant à grands pas, il est très important que mes élèves de 11ème de Maturité suisse soient au top de leur compétences concernant l’emploi des cartes. C’est un travail souvent difficile à faire en groupe puisque nous devons nous concentrer sur de petites cartes et essayer de pointer les espaces afin que tout le groupe classe puisse voir.

Aujourd’hui, les élèves ont pris une photo de la carte, l’ont ajoutée dans ExplainEverything et annotée afin de souligner les tendances, schémas et anomalies. Très rapide, très efficace et vraiment très facile à montrer à la classe en projetant leur travail au tableau.